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Donal Casey

Donal Casey

Senior Consultant at Intevity | Co-Founder, Creative Technologist Consultant at ORDO Design LLC

Currently residing in Barcelona, Spain (makes the whole process sound a lot easier than it was); I am a Creative Technologist with years experience. I believe in best practices and knowing when duct tape is appropriate. I have an eclectic background and keep diverse interests. I thrive best in trial by fire situations so, what can I help you with today?

This Space

I mentioned my many interests. I like to brew beer, ferment food, make bread, and cook diverse offerings for friends and family. Apart from culinary, I love the arts and have been known to draw, paint, and design with traditional and digital medias. I take all to many photos, for the fair few I touch up; calling the rest “reference” as I tag, organize, and archive TBs of RAWs. I love music, and play/compose from time to time, tho, listening and archiving is another favorite.

This space is meant to revive this. A place for me to organize but also practice craft, and share it with my close community. This site has always been a landing page for about me, the software architect, but what was hidden was what made it special. A mortgage calculator for investment properties, a ‘spanish don’ script to translate but also keep track of words learned, end of year accounting scripts, and so much more.. I want to expose all that, share the sandbox in an attempt to make it better.

I also dislike FB, Twitter, and most things that resemble social media, with imgur (anti-social-media) being an exception. This space will also allow me my quips for public consumption.

Why Barcelona?

*Why not? hiccup *

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My wife and I were looking to leave the US. We have separately thought for some time we could work from anywhere, and wanted to take advantage of that life. That was before our daughter Nora was born. We talked about it and devised a short list of where we would go. Spain wasn’t even on the first list. To be honest; when it was brought up by Orpha- I was terrified and responded negatively. I had a really traumatic time in public school, and flunked out of high school Spanish. But my family in-law is Dominican and it was a goal to teach Nora; thus, I had to learn. I realized that how I learn is different and being here is a lot of what I need. We also have a fast-track to citizenship which is a pretty enticing north star for us.

I hope to grow here, there is a lot to like about the culture and our new home. Same is true for this web space. Curious to take this ride and see where I am at in years time.

Published on 2023-09-23, last updated on 2023-10-02