Barcelona Aquarium & Beach

Nora and Orpha Playground

Baby’s Day Out

We have been in Barcelona for 2 weeks, settling in but, covid. It was our first time with it and on top of settling, it was a major hinderance. All three of us, completely incapacitated. Usually, one of us is right enough to nurse the others. Even Nora helped me when we were alone in Kingston, and I had the double ear infection.

Luckily, Barcelona made this as easy as it could on us. We have a service entrance here, and Pharmica delivery, grocery delivery, and whatever else was dropped off while we fever dreamed in the living room.

We have been to Barcelona, planning this move, many times. But we have only ever driven by the beach or the aquarium pier. Today, we made the effort, and so happy we did. Nora loves the aquarium and has been to Boston, Dominican Republic, and now BCN. Every time, she asks for the octopus and Boston/DR doesn’t have any. This is her favorite because of finding dory, and the hank character. Well, here comes Barcelona! They had one; and she was extra shy. image

Her IRL favorites? The shark- they are all baby shark; no matter the size and how terrifying the teeth are. They also had this sweet submarine the kiddos could go in and press all the buttons and throw all the leavers. 10/10 will be back…


Published on 2023-10-02, last updated on 2023-10-02