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Orpha with breakfast

Barcelona is Food

The food scene here is incredible! I hope this intro sheds light into why we have been slow to get rolling; but also offer some insight into the day-to-day meals here.

Not to bury the lead; we tested positive for covid 2 days after landing lol. Something was immediately off. I had zero appetite for the good things- even water tasted off to me. Lucky for us, contactless delivery is well figured out here; and a service entrance through a back elevator is even more of a plus. So, any plans to land and celebrate with food or moving were quickly replaced with all day sofa bed and ramen noodles.

Take Out

Glovo, Uber Eats are only half the equation; if it’s not listed on these, chances are they do take away if you are able to head over. I’m embarrassed to share what we delivered the first few days. I will however share the better side of take out in later posts; the options can be stellar. But nothing beats going out and experiencing tapas or other IRL.


”It’s actually pronounced tay-pas, Jen” - Moss

Since our migration journey- I have failed to actually take photos of any tapas. It’s a lot of things really- covid certainly didn’t help; as we were stuck at home. And then when we were negative, nothing tasted right.

It feels disingenuous to reach into my photos from years ago and blog about it like that is what is happening now. I promise, the time is coming when I will start to catalog real escapades out to the tapas bars as a local- what our favorites are, and hopefully some names and pictures to match.

waiting for tapas tapas tapas tapas

What is really happened, actually feels more settling- I’m cooking again! Something I love to do, and not doing due to 4 months of transition and boxes.


I mentioned recipes would show up here! Today’s is just a throw in. We have been making quick and easy meals; that doesn’t mean they can’t be amazing. I have been making us honey dijon salmon, carne asada steak tacos, lamb with my own potatoes bravas and this gem: Mussels with linguine and artichoke.

Mussels and pasta

I knew I would be cooking again. It has been months of couch crashing with folks (i’m not allowed to use the kitchen or make dinner there). I used to cook often at the Kingston house. FYI- I brought my sourdough starter here (to be continued…). I am most pleased with the market offerings in my immediate vicinity.

The Grocery

Around us, are oh so many options; each great for different things.

Time to discuss beber: Not uncommon for us to find a 2EUR wine that is a steal. Orpha tip? If you don’t know what to pick; look for the product that is noticeably short (that’s what everyone else is grabbing).

The settling in and cooking everything has been a source of joy. My lunch today was a cup of noodles with King Prawns that I added. Side note- if you are still pouring hot water over your ramen- smh; you should consider adding your own ingredients, stir-frying, and dropping a tea egg in there… what are you new?!.

A New Tradition: Desayuno (breakfast AKA brikybraky)

We just started dropping off at school, 8:45. We walk there and there are a million cafes and bakery along the way. Yes, I have perfected the cafe con leche at home with the moka pot and stovetop milk steamer/frother- but we want to explore Barcelona! Stovetop cafe con leche

After we drop Nora off, we pick a new cafe to hit up. We sit, get coffee and usually a sweet or a Bocadillo (common sandwich / usually with jamon). So far- the food has been gone before I could get a picture. I think I will end this first food focused post with just snapshots of what I remembered and could pic before it was too late.

Truly, stay tuned for more posts on food.

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Published on 2023-10-10, last updated on 2023-10-09