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Nora Climbing Stairs

Birthday Shenanigans

I took Monday off this weekend, for birthday shenanigans and recovery. Recovery ended up taking the form of roof deck food truck tacos… so jump to the bottom of this post for that!


Playgrounds and work to ease into the weekend. Father and daughter walk around our neighborhood. This stair goes up to yet another playground situated on a hill? a mountain? It feels high up. Lots of nooks and crannies lol. We came here one night at dark and it was packed with families. I would have loved this as a kid (playing tag or hide-and-seek with the pathways between playgrounds in the garden in the middle of a city… it’s like another world!)



Margarita crawl! with a 3 year old XD. We also blew up balloons, made a banner, and had a dance party. Nora was surprisingly good at blowing up the balloons, but no hope for tying it so she would send them flying throughout the flat. We went to the mall to procure supplies. I ended up with a dulce de leche filled donut that was ginormous. I can still feel the sugar burning the back of my skull. On our way to the mall, Nora visited her electrical box with an airplane on it, exclaiming we are in Barcelona because of an airplane and she can’t wait to go airplane again! (mom and dad can wait…)

birthday_1.png birthday_1.png birthday_1.png birthday_1.png


BRUNCH! A second attempt at Eat My Trip! (first or second favorite breakfast spot so far in BCN)


We climbed a mountain! This is another parks and gardens, situated on a much bigger hill (we’ll call it a mountain). There are several levels with reprieve as you work your way up and all along the way, your view of the city, ocean, and tibidabo gets better and better.

birthday_4.png birthday_4.png

Orpha gifted me an AirBNB experience: Classic Tapas Tour of Barcelona. It was a little odd going solo, but we don’t have a baby sitter yet and Orpha was cool with me bringing back suggestions. I was tasked with asking the host for recommendations around us and beyond lol. The host also asked the group if anyone had been to Barcelona before or has had tapas. It was the groups first time! I was too shy to speak up at first but quickly broke the ice with the first stop. I might be the first one of the tour guides “actually, I live up the street” lol. It was still a wonderful and helpful experience.

Below is a variety of plates. Some I have had before but a lot was also new or slightly different than how I usually had it. The green ball is spinach with an aioli on top infused with honey.

birthday_4.png birthday_4.png birthday_4.png birthday_4.png birthday_4.png birthday_4.png birthday_4.png


The department store here, “El Corts de Ingles” (A one stop, multilevel department store) has restaurants and we learned last weekend, the top floor has a roof deck complete with food trucks! These tacos were better than LA.

Funny enough, the taco truck was from the same Mexican restaurant we started our margarita crawl Saturday night.

birthday_4.png birthday_4.png birthday_4.png birthday_4.png

Published on 2023-11-18, last updated on 2024-04-22