Holiday Lights of Barcelona

Guadi with lights

Each Neighborhood

The several neighborhoods of Barcelona all hang up their own style of lights. The first image below is a pedestrian area in Sarria. We can walk over to it in about 15mins. Down by the gothic, you can cross through these neighborhoods quickly and experience all the different light patters. That and visit the holiday market and say hi to tio nodal! <- can’t make this up :joy: :poop: and :presents:

lights_1.png lights_2.png lights_3.png lights_4.png lights_5.png

I look at pictures to paste here to give some sort of impression of what it’s like and I can’t even. Photos do not do this place justice. lights_6.png

This is part of that pedestrian area, specifically a court yard between streets. This and others have cafes were there is always a few tables in use with locals eating and drinking while their kids run around the plaza. It was surprisingly mild, our puff jackets are more for show than anything.

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Published on 2023-12-03, last updated on 2024-03-07