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Falling in love with Barcelona

We visited Barcelona several times to ensure we were making the right move. We first visited as our first leg of our honeymoon in 2018. A month long adventure over Spain, France, Italy. A lot of places I have been before but the first several were in Barcelona and it was new to me.

If you told me I would go on to try and live there, I would probably had believed it! Most places I love as a tourist my second or third thought after the food is “why don’t we live here??“. I’m guilty of this so many places I travel and fall in love with. It started when we went to Turks and Caicos while I was freelancing. It made the most sense to me, working a few hours to bring a site over the finish line, then head downstairs for a drink and a dip. One of my clients was a site migration and you don’t have to talk at all with them, just move it and do it quickly.

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Published on 2023-07-11, last updated on 2024-03-07