Pulpo Park

Nora and Orpha approaching el pulpo

Exploring Playgrounds Cont.

With such amazing parks and playgrounds here, sometimes a Saturday game plan is to pick a new park we have to travel a bit to. This “Pulpo Park” is on the H6 bus at the other end of the line, we just needed to catch it in front of our door.

pulpo_1.png pulpo_2.png We packed a picnic basket of treats, so we explored the wider garden and distracted Nora away from the playground area until we were fed.

pulpo_3.png Senior Pulpo si mismo. Each arm was a slide of varying complexity and height. Nora went up but had also been experiencing a little slide PTSD. She got stuck up there because she didn’t want to go down herself. This freaked me out because being 6’3”, I was not climbing in there. Luckily- Barcelona is for the kids. A swarm of kids Nora’s age noticed her upset and helped coached her down. All is well.

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Published on 2023-11-11, last updated on 2024-03-07