Roof Deck and Oysters

jungle of monsterra in a glass lobby

Surprise! Roof.

We have an atrium section of our flat where there is a terrace facing inwards (column of flats facing in with an exposed ceiling); the washing machine is out on this side. Looking out and up reveals other appartments solutions for drying their laundry. A lot of terraces have bolted to the railing, cloths lines. Orpha wanted some for our terrace, missing this component- and the doorman said there is a clothsline on the roof. … We had no idea there was roof access .. Queue the rest of the afternoon doing the linens and checking out the view.

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Treat Yo Self

And with a days chores complete, we walked down to El Nacional in L’Eixample, where I scarfed down 12 oysters.

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Published on 2024-04-19, last updated on 2024-06-03