Storage; Spain Ready

Storage full of things

An Organized Chaos

We had left our house and were staying with the folks while performing a complicated dance with a storage locker. Our complete lives, boxed and organized, taking up nearly the complete space. From back to front; we organized what would stay in storage, what would ship to Dominican Republic, what eventually would take to Spain, and what immediately we would take to Spain. That last bucket looked like 8 large suitecases. We went that route as it was cheaper than shipping to Spain and dealing with port authority.


I mentioned some items going to Dominican Republic- we have a half caulked idea about owning a property there, and renting it out for the time we are not. With so much family there; it seems to make sense. It also seems like a hot market we can step in on. Another place to drop keys, and maintain the items we have been collecting. After visiting and working with a brooker- i’m less optimistic. Orpha and I are more into the possibility of someone we know needing good heirloom pieces of furniture. I plan on posting a catalogue of it here.

Expat Spain
Published on 2023-08-06, last updated on 2023-10-02